I quit my job and moved to Colorado

Oh man…y’all I am so excited to be writing this post. Honestly, I’m kind of surprised to be sitting here looking back. It feels a bit unreal! 2019 has been the year of life change and I can’t imagine what would have happened had I not said yes to my life over these past few months.

A bit of backstory…

In 2017, I heard God speak to my heart to create a podcast. For the following year and a half, I made 70+ podcast episodes through my podcast Heasy Life. It was incredible to see God work and show up. During this time, I thought it couldn’t get better. I truly believed that I was living my best life.

As 2019 rolled around, all this energy, passion and excitement just stopped. I had no motivation, inspiration or desire to continue. It was so strange. All I knew was that I needed to move on to a new adventure, I just didn’t know what it was.

My first big shift was in my career. I had been working in Atlanta, GA at CNN as product designer for 3+ years. I thought getting out of design was the right move so I actually created my own role helping teams with operational excellence and team culture. Which…if we can just pause for a second was freaking cool! The process of writing your own role is an amazing experience I need to blog about soon. Anyway…at that moment, I felt like I should have had it all. I should have been happy and excited and fulfilled, but I wasn’t.

My husband Chase and I had been talking about moving to Colorado for awhile and we decided to go visit and scope out places to possibly relocate to.

What unfolded in that trip, I can only describe as divine intervention. Over the course of a week, we were sold. I remember both of us having tears in our eyes knowing so deeply that Colorado would be home. We signed a lease that week to move to Boulder in 2 months (it was February at the time). We did not have a plan, we just knew if we didn’t do it then, we never would.

Sometimes you just don’t realize how life-changing one decision can be.

We went back and I talked with my boss and told her we were moving. She was so cool about it and we created a plan for me to work remotely. All the cards were falling together. But then I started hearing from God. LOUD. He told me to quit my job. I did not understand. Why was this happening? I just created my own role, how could he want me to quit?

I tried to rationalize the situation. Surely God wouldn’t want me to quit my job before we move. Moving is expensive and what would I even do? It would be irresponsible. It would put a burden on our family. What would my family think? All the fear and doubt just crashed in.

I remember vividly arguing with God but every argument I had I just heard him say ‘trust me, I’ve got you.’ I’ve never experienced anything like that before, but I knew that God would take care of me. I knew, I had to quit.

I still get goosebumps thinking about this. It felt so irrational, yet I had deep, deep peace. I remember telling Chase I would think on it and wait 2 weeks and see how I felt BUT the Aquarius in me had a conversation with my boss the next day and quit.

Thankfully Chase was so understanding and supportive. I had told him my plan to work part-time at a smoothie shop and do life coaching on the side and he was in. Our relationship reached a new level that day. He trusted me so completely! It’s incredible to see your partner show up for you. I am so eternally grateful for his trust and confidence in me. Thanks bae 😉

Making it happen:

So that was the plan…to get a job at a smoothie shop and coach. Everything was in line for about 5 seconds until I got a text from a good friend asking me if I wanted to interview at Twitter.

Twitter?! I couldn’t work there. I had a million reasons why I couldn’t, but God tugged at my heart once again. Though all the doubts and fears I pressed forward in obedience and ended up starting a month after we moved.

Fun fact, I never did hear back from that smoothie shop 😅

I wish I could say I did something remarkable to change my life but the truth is I just trusted God.

This year, I choose to pursue peace and it has changed everything. I choose to be fearless and to lean into the unknown and what I found was deep true living. Chase and I could not be happier in Colorado. We are so grateful for this year and our new wonderful life.

Here’s what I’m taking away from a year of change:

  • Moving showed me who my real homies are.
  • I am significantly closer with Chase.
  • One decision truly can change your life.
  • It’s okay to change your mind and path.
  • Don’t ask for people’s advice. Trust your intuition.

I hope that you find freedom and inspiration from this journey. I remember so clearly an instagram post I read 2 years ago of a life coach I follow. She posted a picture showing the day she quit her job to pursue her passion. I remember thinking, that’s going to be me. My life right now is nothing like what I imagined but here’s what I will say… I’m more me than I’ve ever been before and that’s pretty amazing.

Take a chance today on yourself. Be the person you were made to be. You got this!

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