28 things I’ve learned this year

I read a blog post the other day from an author who had written down 31 things he learned in his 31 years on earth. I LOVED this idea! How cool. It is so easy to fly through life without stopping to appreciate what we have learned and how far we have come. So let’s do it!

The following is a list of the 28 things I have learned this year to celebrate 28 years on earth…well 28 and a half to be exact.

  1. The right song can make everything better (my current earworm is…’Walls’ by Sultan + Shepard, Quilla)
  2. One decision can change your life. Moving across the country and quitting your job is a good place to start. 😉
  3. Creativity is a muscle, it will atrophy if you don’t use it.
  4. It’s okay to need a friend. We all need love and support.
  5. People are 95% of the time NOT thinking about you and what you are doing
  6. The concept of operating in my ‘higher self’ has opened my eyes to how often I don’t give myself a chance to be my most awesome self. It’s possible, you just have to realize what you tell yourself isn’t always true. Reality is a perception.
  7. My mom is my best friend.
  8. Meditation is medicine. It has opened up my soul in a way nothing else has and brought me so much closer to Jesus.
  9. Yoga is hard. Who would have known??
  10. Following your intuition will change your life in the best of ways. My intuition led me to a completely different life this year and I’m so grateful I listened to God’s calling on my soul because he did not disappoint!
  11. Let go of the past. When I was 19 years old, I had my boss at an agency tell my I should change careers and that design was not for me. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to the limitations of one person’s opinion because I never would have allowed myself to grow into where I am today as a Product Designer at Twitter.
  12. Distance really shows who your true homies are.
  13. I can do anything but not everything.
  14. Trying new things is so rewarding! I am an associate life coach and that is so cool! I love the fact that I’m on this journey to help others uncover their true awesomeness.
  15. You do not need to merge your 401Ks together when you start a new company. Also, I’m so grateful that I have a father who will start his father’s day weekend talking about my finances 😉
  16. I’m still undecided about intermittent fasting but I’m not giving up on it yet. (update…I’ve given up on it lol)
  17. My brother was on a reality show (Summer House) and I realized how stupid and petty those shows can be. Behind every show and all the drama there are real people there. Now I just need to remember that in #bachleornation
  18. It’s super hard to admit that you haven’t been doing as awesome as you thought.
  19. Blinkist is the best invention of all time
  20. I read an educational book for work and I realized I don’t do that nearly as often as I should. I felt super smart and realized that it’s not as intimidating as I thought.
  21. The concept of Jobs to Be Done has changed my perspective on how to bring true value to consumers.
  22. When traveling to Thailand, I got really sick and sh*t my pants more times than I have in my whole adult life. It gave me new found empathy for old people. That 💩sucks.
  23. Not everyone has satellite radio. Really? No BPM??
  24. Being a perfectionist is not working for me.
  25. Sarah Knight and her books have changed my life in the best mother effing way (the audible versions are my fav)
  26. If I wait for everyone’s approval, nothing will ever get done.
  27. Saying no is actually the best thing ever. I love this quote, “If the answer is not a ‘HELL YES’ then it should probably be a polite ’No’.” – Rachel Hollis
  28. Boulder loves Kombucha as much as I do (praise the Lord!)

Did any of this spark something you’ve learned this year? If so, I encourage you to make a list of your own! This exercise is a great way to reflect on the awesomeness that is your life.

Now go out there and make yourself a great day (as my mom would say)

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